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Cooperative Sector in the Perambalur District has taken deep root especially in the rural banking, Public Distribution System, dairying handlooms, housing, etc. There are 225 Cooperative Societies of different types functioning under the control of Regional Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies in the district. The type wise details of the societies are given below.



Type of the Societies



Primary Agricultural Cooperative Bank



Primary Agricultural and Rural Development Bank



Cooperative Marketing Society



Employee's Cooperative Society



Cooperative Stores



Special type of Society



Student's Cooperative Store



Cooperative Union



Cooperative Press



Cooperative Whole sale store



Cooperative Urban Bank




Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks:

The organization of Cooperative system in Tamilnadu is integrated vertically on the basis of functional responsibilities viz the Primary Cooperative Banks at the base level the District Central Coop. Banks in the middle level and the State Coop. Bank at apex level. The Primary societies at the base are in general multipurpose in character but in a large number of cases they deal mainly with credit. There are 115 Primary Agricultural Coop. Credit Societies in the Perambalur District lending Short term and Medium term agricultural credit.

Membership and owned funds:

The number of members enrolled in the Primary Agricultural Coop. Banks as on 31.3.2002 is 3.08 lakhs. Out of this number of Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe members comes to 0.49 lakhs.

The working funds of the Society mainly depends upon Share Capital, reserves, deposits and borrowings. Share Capital is the main source of owned funds. Total Share Capital amount of all Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks in the district as on 31st March 2002 is Rs.891.39 lakhs. Total Deposit outstanding of all Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks as on 31.3.2002 amount to the tune of Rs.8222.62 lakhs.

Loans and Advances:

The composition of loans and advances in terms of period is Short Term, Medium Term and long-term loans. The Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks main concentration is in short term and Medium term credit, since their borrowers constitute chiefly farmers, whose need of credit being short term in nature. Accordingly the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks give main thrust to short-term credit.

The short term credit constitutes crop loans, jewel loans, consumer loans and other miscellaneous loans. Under the crop loan, credit system is extended in cash and kind with reference to the Scale of finance for various crops as fixed by the technical committee. The kind portion of the loan is generally fertilizer and pesticides. In the Perambalur District Rs.2769.04 lakhs have been disbursed for crop loan through Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks in the financial year 2001-2002. Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks are issuing sugar-cane loans, as well as agricultural allied purposes loans to the registered ryots of the public sector sugar mills at Eraiyur on tie-up arrangements.

Jewel loans are very popular in the rural areas and there is a great demand for it. In this district total amount of Jewel loan disbursed through Primary Agricultural Cooperative Banks alone is Rs.8516.61 lakhs. The other types of lending constitute the medium term loans for agricultural allied activities, non-farm sector loans and consumer loans etc.

Primary Agricultural and Rural Development Banks:

An unique feature of the Agricultural Cooperative Banking in our country is the organization of separate institutions for providing long-term loans. To issue especially long-term loans, an independent agency viz Primary Agricultural and Rural Development Bank is established. In Perambalur District, three Primary Agricultural and Rural Development Banks are functioning one each at Perambalur, Ariyalur and Jayankondam. Total number of members are 19,950. Out of this 3608 belongs to Schedule Caste. The Share Capital amount of members is Rs.150.33 lakhs.

The purpose of loans issued by the Primary Agricultural and Rural Development Banks are for Minor Irrigation, Farm mechanisation, NFS activities and Animal Husbandry etc. During the year 2001-2002 the total amount of Rs.323 lakhs have been disbursed for various type of long-term loans by the three Primary Agricultural and Rural Development Banks.

Agricultural Producers Cooperative Marketing Societies:

The main objective of an Agricultural Producers Cooperative Marketing Society is to provide an outlet for profitable marketing of the produce of the grower members so as to minimise their dependence on open market forces, especially the Private traders. The other objectives include distribution of fertilizers, Pesticides and agricultural implements and issue of Produce pledge loan etc.

In the Perambalur District, two Agricultural Producers Cooperative Marketing Societies are functioning one at Perambalur and another at Ariyalur. Total number of members 11056. Out of this 1115 members are belonging to Schedule Caste. Members' Share Capital is Rs.13.13 lakhs. During the year 2001-2002 the total value of agricultural produce marketed through the society was Rs.111.30 lakhs.

Primary Cooperative Stores:

There are four Cooperative Stores functioning in Perambalur District. The main functions of the Primary Coop. Stores are sale of controlled and non-controlled commodities through their retail outlets. During the year 2000-2001 controlled commodities of the value of Rs.3.48 lakhs and non-controlled commodities of the value of Rs.3.93 lakhs have been sold by the 4 Primary Cooperative Stores.

Employees Cooperative Thrift and Credit Societies:

There are 21 Employees' Cooperative Societies functioning in Perambalur District. This type of societies are serving for the benefit of salary earners. The working funds of these societies depends mainly upon the members thrift deposit and Share Capital.

District consumer Cooperative Wholesale Stores:

For the Perambalur District, the Perambalur District Consumer Cooperative Wholesale Stores is functioning in the District. The main function of this institution is supplying of essential commodities for the Public Distribution System as lead society in the Perambalur District. Since this stores has been started newly, at present the stores has no own infrastructure facility. Proposals have been submitted to the NCDC seeking financial assistance for various infrastructures. Such as construction of godown purchase of lorries etc.

District Cooperative Printing Press:

For the Perambalur district the Perambalur District Cooperative Printing Press is functioning in the District. It is a modernized computerized offset Press. This Coop. Printing Press caters to the needs of Government Offices, local bodies and Coop. institutions in Perambalur District. During the year 2001-2002 this institution achieved Printing works for the value of Rs.10 lakhs.

Students Coop. Stores:

There are 75 Students Cooperative Stores functioning in the educational institutions to supply stationery and other requirements of the student community in the district.

District Cooperative Union:

For the Perambalur District, the Perambalur District Coop. Union is functioning. The main purpose of the Coop. Union is promoting Coop. Education and training. The District Coop. Union is conducting members education programme periodically in village level and creating awareness about coop. principles among general public.

Public Distribution System:

Another important function of the Cooperative Department and the Cooperative institutions is running Fair Price Shops. In the Perambalur District also total of 600 Public Distribution System outlets are run by the cooperative societies. The total number of cards attached to these shops are more than 3.16 lakhs. Distribution of essential commodities such as Rice, Sugar, and Kerosene for cardholders, old age pensioners, Anthoydia Anna Yojana Scheme beneficiaries is the main function of this shops. The Public Distribution System Shops run by the coops are distributing every month 3929 M.T. of rice, 375 M.T. of sugar and 819 K.L. of Kerosene in the Perambalur District.