Physical Features of  Perambalur District



         As per 2010 Census, the total Population of  Perambalur District is 5,65,223.   The density of population in the district is 322 per Sq.Km .  Perambalur District is centrally located in TamilNadu and is 267 K.M away, in southern direction, from Chennai. The District has an area of 1,756 Sq.Km. spread between 10.54’ and 11.30’ degree Northern latitude and 78.40’ and 79.30’ degree of the Eastern longitude.

        It is an inland district without coastal line. The District has Vellar River in the North and it has well marked natural divisions. The PACHAMALAI hill situated on the North boundary of Perambalur is the most important hill in the district.



         The Flora and Fauna of the district are fairly rich and varied. As regards Fauna,  big animals like Elephants and Bisons are not found in the district whereas spotted deer wild boars, Peacocks, Common monkeys, Jackals, Poisonous and non poisonous snakes etc.



            The district is fairly rich in mineral deposits.   Celeste,     Lime Stone, Shale, Sand Stone, Canker and Phosphate nodules occur at various places in the district.    A good deal of building stone (rough stone) is quarried in Perambalur , Kunnam and Veppanthattai Taluks.


     Siruvachur Madura Kaliamman temple at Siruvachur in Perambalur Taluk is one of the most popular shrine in the district. The presiding deity of the temple is known as Sri Madura Kaliamman. She is one of the forms of Goddess Kali.

Poojas are performed on Monday and Friday of every week. The main annual festival commences in the last week of Panguni. The Car festival is celebrated in the first week of Chithirai.

The Ancient Arulmigu Ekambareswar and Thandayuthapani Temples are situated in Chettikulam Village, Perambalur District. The above temples were built by King Kulasekara Pandian, some 800 years ago. These temples are situated 22 Kms. away from Perambalur and 8 Kms. west of Alathurgate on Trichy-Chennai National Highway (NH-45). These temples reflect the architecture of the early days. 

In Arulmigu Ekambareswarar temple, the Thai Poosam festival is celebrated every year in the month of January for 10 days. At the time of the above festival, people from various places visit the temple and get the blessings of Lord Shiva.      

In the same way, Panguni Uthiram Festival is celebrated in Arulmigu Thandayuthapani temple for 14 days in the month of April every year. The above festival is celebrated in a grand manner and various cultural programmes are conducted at that time.

The rock outside Chettikulam Village on the top of which is located the Balathandapani Temple. This is an ancient and well-known shrine built by the Cholas. There are number of stone inscriptions explaining the history of the temple.


            Sugarcane is grown as a major commercial crop. The Public Sector factory Perambalur Sugar Mills at Eraiyur is functioning in the district with a crushing capacity of 3000 Tonnes per Day. The pre-dominate soil in the district is red sanding with scattered pockets of black soil . The soil in the district is best suited for raising dry crops. The district has a high means of temperature and low degree of humidity.


          Perambalur is an important road junction on the Chennai –Madurai National Highways (NH-45). The District has well knit road system connecting various important centres in the region.