S.Aduthurai Temple


It is in the District of Perambalur on the National Highway adjacent to Tholudur ,on the bank of River Vellaru . It is the holy pilgrim centre by  name Su.Aduthurai. The presiding deities of this Temple are Siva and his consort. The Tamil name for the Lord there is ‘Kutram Porutha Eswarar’ or ‘Abaradharatshagar’ which can be literally translated as the’ Lord of Forgiveness’ and the consort Elavar Kuzhali Ammai or the damsel with beautiful and curly tresses.

The Lord of Forgiveness Kutram Porutheeswarar will wash away all the sins that cannot be wiped out either by the Navagrahas or the nine planets, and even by one’s Guru.

Kutram Porutheeswarar temple has been built during the Chola period in the 12thCen. And it has been periodically renovated through grants by various rulers ranging from Chola, Chera, Pandya and the Nayakars of Vijaya Nagar. All these grants and donation to the temple are recorded in the epigraphs of the granite structure of the temple.