Mathura Kaliamman Temple


The Mathura Kaliamman Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Kali located in the village of Siruvachur ,Perambalur taluk ,Perambalur District, India. Siruvachur is located at a distance of 5 km from Perambalur, its nearest town. The Car festival ,Panguni festivals are important festivals celebrated.




The place where the temple was constructed is believed to be the place where Kannagi, the idol of the Tamil epic Silappatikaram, reassured herself after returning from Madurai. According to tradition, Chelliamman was a local deity of Siruvachur. Her powers became delimited by a tantric, who started using the powers for destructive purposes.Mathura Kaliamman, a form of Goddess Kali, happened to visit the place seeking shelter from Chelliamman for a night. During her stay, Chelliamman revealed her servitude, and Mathura Kaliamman did away with the Tantric and saved Chelliamman.Chelliamman, in order to greet Mathura Kaliamman, moved to the Periaswamimali, a nearby hillock, requesting the latter to stay in Siruvachur, while demanding that the initial offerings should be presented to her. The temple is about 1000 years old.




The prime deity is Mathura Kaliamman. The temple is open to devotees only twice a week – Monday and Friday.It is believed that the main deity, Mathura Kaliamman, stays with Chelliamman during the remaining days of the week.




A Car festival is held annually during the month of May. During the festival, the idol of goddess Mathura Kaliamman is brought from the shrine to the car where rituals are performed. The car-festival is a part of the annual festival that is celebrated for a period of 13 days.